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Bridge &
Hard Money Loan

A short-term finance option for business owners and real estate investors to fill the gap between their business transactions or simply fast funding their unique situation in the increased regulation of the banking industry 


Flexible Terms

  • Term: 3 months - 3 years

  • Loan amount: 100k - 30MM

  • Amortization: Interest Only

High LTV

  • Loan to value: up to 80% 

  • Property type: All Commercial and Residential Properties considered (including raw land)

  • Collateral: 1st lien position

  • Pre-payment penalty: No (in most cases)

24644672_Office worker examining money with magnifying glass.jpg

Quick Funding

  • Products: Purchase money, acquisitions, refinance cash-out, construction loans, rehabs, multi-family 

  • Closing Terms: as quick as 3 days

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